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I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Rebecca and I created this blog to share my favorite recipes with my family and friends. And, yes, I consider you my friend because you're taking the time today to visit and hopefully try one of my recipes.

I am a wife and mother to four children. We didn't always eat Clean. When my two youngest were little we more or less ate like most Americans. We thought we were eating pretty healthy. But looking back - we weren't. Well, we tried. Sometimes. It's hard though when life is so busy.

But then we found out several of us had food allergies. In the end, we found that the Clean Eating diet worked well for us. We felt a lot better.

We've all had moments of wanting to go back, but we never feel good when we cheat. It's harder for our two older children who know what they are missing. But our two youngest children barely even know what they are missing.

My youngest said to me the other day, "I'd like to go to that fast food restaurant some day." and I was like "why?" and she said, "just so I know what it tastes like." and I told her she sure wasn't missing out. Food made from scratch tastes so much better. (BTW, proud mom moment that she has never eaten there)

I love it when someone will ask if one of my children wants something like chips, a certain candy bar or some other packaged food and they have no idea what the person is talking about.

Or when we go to a restaurant that serves obviously reheated frozen food and they barely eat it - but then when we go to a Thai, Indian, BBQ or other relatively healthy restaurant, they love the food.

And don't even get me started on how much better they act when they eat healthy food.

Is it hard to eat Clean? Sure. I mean, it's harder than non diet restrictions, but I think you will find the diet to be much easier than many other diets out there. I mean, sure you can't eat cotton candy, corn dogs and soda. But let me tell you - it's so worth the effort. You will feel so much better in the long run.

Do we always eat perfectly Clean? Heck, no. See, there's this thing called life. But we sure try and we always feel better when we eat Clean.

I do have to warn you though, there's no going back. Once you get used to real food, if you get tempted and try fake food, you'll think it tastes gross. Really. After a while, you won't even want processed food.

So take some time to look around my blog and try some of my recipes or those of other bloggers and please comment and let me know if there are any recipes you would like me to add or if you have any questions about certain recipes or the Clean Eating diet in general.

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